Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Erbil - Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Middle East-Kurdistan Region-Iraq-Erbil It was hard to believe I was in Erbil . It is so different then Baghdad and the south. There was no tension and it felt very safe and easy to go around. On the other hand there is not much to see in Erbil except the Citadel which is a World Heritage Site. Still the people were friendly and not bothered by tourists. A visa for most is available on arrival at no cost. 

Before I arrived here I did a bit of research and the information said that the Post Office was at the airport. That is correct there is a Post office there. I had planned to visit on my way in from the airport to my hotel. However the driver had an appointment and we went straight to the hotel which was right in the Old town. I had the phone number of the Post office and the manager of the hotel rang the number and talked to someone there. He discovered there was also another Post Office in the city itself. So we went there. I would not have found it but it is not far from the Citadel. It was a full working Post office . I had my Postcards ready and they had a choice of stamps and were most helpful. Even though I am in Iraq and we use Iraq money , the stamps here state " Kurdistan Region-Iraq". All the mail is sent via Jordon . All the stamps were quite large so it was fine as I dont write up my cards until I have put on the stamps. You will find postcards in the Souvenir shops in the Citadel .  

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