Friday, 27 October 2017

Vermeer Exhibition in Dublin

Europe-Ireland-Dublin It is not often I put postcards up here featuring Paintings. But in June I visited a marvellous  exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland It featured works by Vermeer the famous Dutch Painter from 1632-1675. This one is one of the most famous "The Love Letter " circa 1669-70.

These stamps feature Royal sites in Ireland. From a time when we had Kings of Ireland. The one of the left "Hill of Tara" , I can even remember from my school days. 

Europe-Ireland-Dublin  Here is another and perhaps my favourite from the Exhibition. " Woman writing a letter with her Maid " circa 1670. You will note that both feature letter writing well before we had postage stamps as we know them.

Some more Royal Sites. The more famous one on the right is the Rock of Cashel which is very impressive . You can visit here on the way to County Cork 


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