Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Postcards of Mali

Africa-Mali-Bamako I just love this card. I could not resist it will all the old postcards on the front. Reminds me of years ago when everyone who travelled sent postcards. Hardly anyone does.. I do as you all know.. 

The first Post office I went to in Bamako. They have very few stamps of choice. I asked for the Philatelic Office and was sent to another Post Office. In this office I was brought into a room and told the Head of the Office I wanted to buy a selection of stamps. She understood what I was asking. So she opened the great safe and there was a lot of different stamps. You can see some of these on my cards. However when I was paying she asked for more as "Philatelic Stamps" had a 25% surcharge. This was after I had stuck them on my mail.. So as you can imagine a big fuss happened. In the end they did not charge the extra. But I did give the Lady in charge a small tip, as I was afraid my mail would go into the bin.. It did not as you can see and these are the results. 

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  1. And I am one of the lucky ones that you still do it... Thanks to you I got postcards from the most "rare" and "exotic" places on earth! Big Thanks once more David!♥
    Great story about the "Philatelic Stamps"...