Thursday, 15 February 2018

Timbucktu - Mali

Africa-Mali-Timbuktu As you can see there are many ways to spell the name of this famous city. This card is unique in all the cards that I have in my collection and the reason is??? I have not been here ! It is the only card I have of a place that I have not been. So why is it here. Well on my recent trip to Mali , my guide Abdouleye is from Timbucktu. He was a excellent guide . He was fascinated by my passion with postcards and visiting Post offices. As he would say " Ive never met someone like you Mr David " . Not the first time I have heard that. I had wanted to go the Timbucktu but due to security issues and no commercial flights it was not possible. So I seen this card and the Guide offered to mail it for me. But I know that when the situation is ok on the ground I will indeed visit.  

Here is the postmark Timbouctou dated 10 November 2017. The writing is mine , but I did not put the stamps on the card. I rarely put stamps on top of stamps unless I have no space. In Mali this is quite common as the Post offices often only have low value stamps for sale. 

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