Thursday, 24 May 2018

Mitrovica - Kosovo Serbian

Europe-Kosovo Serbian-Mitrovica  This is the New Bridge that crosses the Ibar river in Mitrovica which is in Northern Kosovo. The Bridge has become a iconic symbol of Kosovo division as it separates around 80,000 Kosovo Albanians on the South side with about the same  number of Serbs on the North side. I had a car and drove here from Pristina without any issues. To drive into North Mitrovica I went to the most North Bridge and crossed there. I noted that all the flags around had changed to Serbian and there was no Republic of Kosovo cars to be seen. I spend most of my day on this side , though I dd eat lunch just across the bridge on the South side. On the North side you will see lots of Serbs posters and Russian flags too. The currency used is the Serbian Dinar

I only found out last year that there were Serbian Post offices in the Serbian Enclaves in Kosovo. I did not know too much and I guess I never really thought about it. It reminded me of my time visiting the Post offices in Bosnia Herzegovina with two different postal administrations. Since Serbia does not recognise Kosovo , Serbia stamps are used and the Post offices in the Serb areas are run by Serbia Post. I brought these stamps with me as they show Churches in Kosovo. The Cancellations are not as clear as I would like but you can see Kosovo . I did arrive at the Post Office at 15.31, but they close at 15.30. Luckily some time later a cleaner came out and the door was unlocked so I was able to gain entry . No one understood english and I guess they were closed so not really helpful in asking questions. But at least I got the postcard through the mail. 

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