Thursday, 28 November 2019

Black bears in Alaska

North America-Alaska-Ketchikan One of my main goals for going to Alaska was to see black bears catching wild salmon in the rivers. I  had seen it before a few times on television. So took a float plane to Prince Wales island which is about 15 minutes from Ketchikan . Had about a 10 minute walk to a river. Waited about 40 minutes or so and hey presto a black bear appears. Spend about 2 hours there and seen about 6 bears. One was a mother with cubs. It was amazing and fantastic to see. I had planned to go earlier in the season , but you can only see bears from end of July ( which is when this trip was ) onwards. This was the second week the bears had started coming down to the river. A great add on trip and worth it and the great views from the old plane as well. 

I think the caption beside the stamps says it all. - Alaskan black bear goes fishing for salmon in Southwest Alaska.