Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Europe-France-Paris. Well what can one say. Every one should at least visit Paris once. What more could you ask for The food, the feel of the place and just how romantic it is. Here shows a night view of the Eiffel tower. Every time you visit Paris you can find somewhere new to see. Many areas  of Paris is a World Heritage Site. 

Posted in Paris. I find on the main post offices you can get a great selection of stamps . Most European countries post offices only have a small selection. So well done France. The stamp here shows the Millau Viaduct the highest bridge in the world. It was designed by Norman Foster. 

Europe-UNESCO- Paris. This postcard is showing the UNESCO  headquarters  in Paris . I visited here and got a special pass in. They have a great selection of UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation) of Publications and information. I also visited the special exhibition of works of Art on display . These are from different members of UNESCO. Well worth a visit. 

UNESCO issues its own stamps in connection with the French post office. So this stamp has UNESCO  symbol on the bottom left side. This stamp was mailed at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris itself. There is a post box within the building. UNESCO has its own place instead of a country due to the issue of the stamps. 

Europe-Germany-Cologne. Showing a view over the Rhine of Cologne and its famous world heritage site of the Cathedral. This is certainly a well worth place to visit.. I have to say in January it never looks like this. A World Heritage Site. 

A very clear postmark of Kolm. Got this stamp in the main philatelic office in Cologne. As a bonus got a stamp of the Koln Dom , ie Cologne Cathedral. 

Europe-Germany-Düsseldorf  I used this airport a lot for connections in Europe, especially going to Cologne. Showing a shot of different images of the airport. 

Düsseldorf mailed at the airport. 

Europe-England-Birmingham  Today Birmingham is a major international commercial  centre in England. I have been in many times always in January for business.  Always quite cold at that time. This postcard shows the 18th century canal network. 

This is the definitive regional stamp for England. Featuring the English  oak tree. 

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