Thursday, 28 March 2013

South Africa

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town. Not often I have a section on one country let alone one city . That city is Cape Town. One of my favourite places in the world . Cape Town has it all.. The scenery and there is lots of that  are outstanding. Should I mention the liquid lunches at the wineries? In 2005 the prices were a bargain . This area shows table mountain. A iconic site in Cape Town. When you see it first it does take your breath away. In the foreground you will see Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. Lots of shopping and restaurants here. 

I do like these stamps especially the sporting stamp on the bottom right. 

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town-Camps Bay. A upmarket part of Cape town. A good beach and a excellent view point all around. 

A mixture of stamps purchased at the main Post office in down-town  Cape Town. 

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town-Franschhoek. Well want a good place to have lunch? This is the card from the restaurant . La Petite Ferme. The weather was good as was the company and the food. 

Looks like a laser postmark. A good train stamp. 

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town-Franschhoek  What a great postcard. This is how I remember it. A very  good day out back from Lunch. 

Posted at Franschhoek but a standard Cape Town postmark. A very good train stamp. 

Africa-South Africa-Cape Town-Simonstown  This is a naval base in the area of False Bay. Very nice seaside village and nearby you see the famous Penguins.  Well worth a visit a great location. 

Posted at Simonstown post office, but gone to the Cape Town sorting office. A airmail definitive stamp featuring a rhino.

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