Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Europe-Andorra French-Andorra la Vella  This postcard shows Nova Square.  In Andorra you will find lots of duty free shops.  So plenty of tobacco, cigarettes and perfumes to be seen.  I found most people in fact spoke Spanish . 

This is the Andorra French postal Administration. They are quite efficient. The post office had  a great selection of stamps to choose from .The stamp chosen was for the Olympics in Athens in 2004. So two different post offices near each other with different stamps. 

Europe-Andorra Spanish-Andorra la Vella  The postcard shows Escaldes-Engordany which is the second largest town in Andorra. You can see it is in the valley. 

There are two separate postal administrations in Andorra. This is the Spanish one. They had a lack of stamps and wanted to sell me a label stamp. So I kicked up and ended up with 2 the same. I think they dont want to have to add up the postage stamps sales at the end of the day. With a label they can just press a button and get totals. In fact when I told them I wanted to mail a postcard to Ireland they advised me to go over to the French post office in Andorra.  Talk about not wanting business.  They tried to tell me that they really only send mail to Spain and the other post office is better for Ireland. What a lazy lot they were.  

Europe-Spain-Barcelona  The famous Sagrada Familia. The incomplete church by Gaudi. What a sight for sure. Barcelona is so full of life . Lots to see.  My first time there was for the Olympic Games in 1992 . Barcelona has grown up since them . One of my favourite cities. A World Heritage Site. 

I managed to get a normal stamp for this postcard. This is the definitive stamp of the King,  Carlos  I. 

Europe-Spain-Sitges  Only about 45 minutes away from Barcelona on the train.  A very crowded beach front exactly as per this postcard. A nice old town . A people place. 

Another Spanish Label stamp. At least it is a clear Sitges postmark. 


  1. I had a very similar experience when I visited the Spanish Post Office in Andorra! Their bad attitude was a bit hard to take after having waited in line for nearly an hour! French Post Office had no lines any of the times I visited and cheerful staff.

    1. Hi Waxon thank you for your comment. Well at yes we both had the same experience. Comments are always welcome. Hope you enjoy the blog. David

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