Thursday, 21 March 2013


Europe-England-Manchester  I guess when most people think about Manchester they think of  Manchester United the football club. Manchester for me has usually been just work. 

This is a country definitive stamp issue for England. It is showing an Oak tree which is the national tree of England, representing strength and endurance. I bet you did not know that? 

Europe-United Kingdom-London  Piccadilly Circus. Well I consider this really the centre of London. London a great city especially for theatre and all the museums. I can see the number 9 bus on the Postcard. Unfortunately that type of bus with the open hop on hop off is now gone. I guess it was for safety reasons and for use my non mobile passengers. 

Well what a great postmark. This postmark is a special postmark for Stampex in London. This is an annual stamp exhibition. The United Kingdom stamp has the letter E on it meaning for European use. 

Europe-United Kingdom-Derby  Derbyshire is in the East Midlands of England and sort of in the middle. Its main claim to fame I guess is the Peak District. 

These are the definitive stamps from the United Kingdom. The unique part is that it is the only country in the world without their name on the stamps. Just the Queen's head or symbol. The reason is that they were the first country to issue stamps back on May 6 1840. 

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