Sunday, 17 March 2013

Belarus, Lithuania, Netherlands, Egypt

Europe-Belarus-Minsk  Spent a action packed day in Minsk. Was surprised how green it was with plenty of  nice parks. Went to a number of fabulous orthodox churches; all had a great sense of atmosphere. Hired a guide who talked a lot  as I whizzed past interesting sights. Still, McDonalds new restaurant was great. 

The post office had little to offer , still a nice stamp of a bridge

Europe-Lithuania-Vilnius. Vilnius Cathedral a great site in the centre of the city.  Vilnius historic centre is a World Heritage Site 

This stamp shows the enlargement of the EU with the 10 extra flags of the new states. Must have had an off day Vilnius is spelt wrong! 

Europe-Netherlands-Amsterdam  A view of the famous canals and bridges of Amsterdam. The Canal Ring of Amsterdam is a World Heritage Site.  

Purchased these stamps at the airport in Amsterdam. They are from a booklet. 

Africa-Egypt-Cairo  The pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx. What a great site. Still a little disappointed it did not look like it was in the movie " Cleopatra ". In the Museum in Cairo there were many precious objects just left on the floor! Also my first time with  Egyptian drivers, a little crazy.  Still better then some others I could name. A World Heritage Site. 

A beautiful embossed stamp of Tutankhamun. 

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