Friday, 15 March 2013


Africa-Ceuta -Morocco Spanish  Spent two pleasant days here. When  in  Morocco I drove a hired car . Though that is a story in itself. I hired a car in Tangier and was told I was not insured to drive into Ceuta. My plan was to drive to the border and park the car. I would  manage in Ceuta without the car. But when I got to the border I could not find a parking space. So I filled in all the necessary border forms for entering the European Union  and  then just  drove the car into Ceuta. It is quite small about 18km in total size. Very nice especially the old part of the town. Not many people know that the European Union is also in Africa! 

This is a label stamp which is very common in Spain. I generally  try not to use them. The Post office in Ceuta  had only this stamp as the Philatelic section was on " lunch ". More like a long lunch. However the Stamp itself commemorates the  tragedy of the Madrid train victims of 11 March 2004.  

Africa-Morocco-Tangier  This was my stop on my Moroccan adventure. In fact I remember most of those scenes on the Postcard. I only discovered recently that the hotel I stayed at in Tangier was the one used as the basis for Rick's Cafe  in Casablanca, El Minzah . Very hard to get around without getting the locals offering to bring you to this shop and then to more Rug shops. I think half the time the shop sellers are out on the streets looking for tourists, trying to entice them into their shops.  Such is this part of Morocco. 

Nice to get different shape stamps. This is a Octagon sided stamp. I think my only one .    


Europe-Ireland-Dublin  Well my first Postcard here from my home town Dublin. We have the statue of Molly Malone on the top. Two doors from Georgian Dublin. Bottom right is the Halfpenny bridge. I have crossed this many times. In fact my first business was right beside this bridge. So fond memories of there. 

This stamp has a special date. One it is a first day of issue for this stamp. Issued to celebrate EU accession when  10 new  member states joined. It also is my  birthday , so a good day for lots of reasons.

Europe-Denmark-Copenhagen  The Tivoli Gardens.  What a lively place. It is a famous amusement park and  pleasure garden. You can also find lots of ways to spend your money on different amusements  to try and win a cuddly toy or such like. I think I won a pen once, but was hardly worth what I had spent on the game. Still fun was had. Very nice steak house beside the gardens. Always make a bee line for there when I am in Copenhagen. Been there many times. First time in the late 80s at the Badminton World Championships. Many fond memories. 

Always difficult to find special stamps in Denmark. This is the definitive issue with  Queen  Margrethe 

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