Friday, 22 March 2013

North America

North America-United States of America-San Francisco  The Golden Gate bridge what a sight day or night. San  Francisco what a great American city. Love those trolley cars . I think I first fell in love with the city when I seen the movie as a kid, " The Love bug ". With that beetle car  named Herbie. My Dad told me to visit and mentioned Fisherman's wharf. 

Henri Mancini and John Wayne. Well I have to say "Days of Wine and Roses "  and" Breakfast at Tiffany's" are two of my favourite pieces of music to listen to. What a great composer. There is John Wayne standing tall on the other stamp. 

North America-Mexico-Puerto Vallarta  Well this is a photo of the Westin Hotel in PV.  I had a great time here and spend most of the time leaning how to Scuba dive. Well the sea was warm and a great location. So success, I can now go underwater! PV was very pleasant and it was pure rest and relaxation. 

I mailed this postcard on Oct 1, it got postmarked on October 20 and I got it in December. What do the Mexicans do with the mail? Talk about slow ... 

North America-United States of America -Chicago  This postcard shows the John Hancock centre and offers a beautiful view of Chicago skyline. The museums there are excellent. 

A nice clear postmark from Chicago.  I like these two stamps. Disney stamps are always fun and it is great to see United States promoting fun stamps. Also important is the education that stamps can convey, which is very evident in the second stamp, "stop family violence". 

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