Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Asia -Thailand-Bangkok  A postcard showing the genuine hospitality that you will find all over Thailand. Bangkok  has so much to offer and to see. I would need many postcards here to get a good overview

This card is unique. Well it is in my collection. I purchased the stamp in the Philatelic section in Bangkok. This is a high value stamp showing Queen Sirikit of Thailand. The stamp is gold embossed. This Postcard arrived by Registered Post. Normally it would be a packet or a envelope. As my postman said to me it is the first time he has seen a Registered postcard. Me too. Great Stamp. 

Asia-Malaysia Melaka State. A street scene in Melaka. The buildings are certainly worth seeing .Melaka  is also a World Heritage site. A very good day trip from KL. 

This card has its own little story. Posted in Melaka and duly arrived back home in Dublin. But with no postmark. So no good to me. I found a hotel in Selangor on the web . I mailed the card back saying how much I enjoyed my stay in the hotel, but had forgot to mail this postcard and would they be so kind to mail it for me. Well hey presto it came back this time with a clear Melaka postmark. 

Asia-Malaysia Selangor State-Shah Alam. Showing the largest Mosque in South East Asia  in Selangor. Selangor is just outside KL. 

States of Selangor stamps. Showing the then Sultan of Selangor. It has the largest economy in Malaysia. 

Asia-Malaysia Federal States-Kuala Lumpur  The High Court of Malaysia, right down town.  When I came here first in 1989 was surprised how developed KL was. 

These stamps are part of the Federal Territories of Malaysia. In Malay it reads  Wilayah  Persekutuan. 

Asia-Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur  Also known as KL. Here we see Petronas Towers. One of the highest buildings in the world. A very impressive site. My first city to visit in Asia was KL. So it has a certain comfort feel for me. A lot less expensive then its neighbour Singapore. 

This is the first Souvenir sheet show here on my blog. You have to make sure you have enough space. This sheet is showing the major ports of Malaysia. 

Asia-Singapore-Singapore City  This is a scene from Clarke Quay. I have eaten here many times. Looks just like this at night time.  Singapore is a great business city with matching infrastructure. 

Singapore always has beautiful stamps. These are stamps issued to show 150 years of stamps used in Singapore.. A good clear postmark. 

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