Thursday, 4 April 2013

Asia and London Heathrow

Asia-China Peoples Republic-Guangdong-Dongguan City  This is the Italian restaurant at the Sheraton Dongguan. In this part of China I dined  here most nights.  I had my share of Chinese dinners and God knows what I was eating.   A colleague told me he had dinner out the previous night. He told the waiter he did not like the onion rings. The Waiter said " What onion rings , they were not onion rings they were a part of the Sheep" You can guess yourself . This area is full of factories and is a major hub for a lot of the products we see in our daily lives. 

I had a lot of fun in this post office. In China you get the standard issue stamps. Well I was looking for something more. So to find any different stamps I had to hand over 50 USD to view the stamps. The reason is they were afraid I would run off with the stamps without paying. I guess most people just take the stamps offered. I then selected these stamps and got my change back. Stamps in China are very cheap. 

Asia-China Peoples Republic-Guangzhou  The 3rd largest city in China.  Here we see  the Pearl River. A key area for transportation and trading.There may be blue skies on the postcard but I rarely if ever seen anything blue above the clouds. Quite polluted  I would say.  I think the card is a little worse for wear. 

First stamp is Deng Xiaoping . The scond was Mao Zedong. (Chairman Mao). As you can see it has gone. I think maybe Mao was not exactly popular with everyone. So stamp gone !! Any how it made its way home. 

Asia-Hong Kong  The Iconic Kowloon Star Ferry Pier. When in Hong Kong , this is one certain activity  to do.  Good during the day and even better at night with all the lights. 

Posted at the General Post Office in Central Hong Kong. They had a choice of stamps and Postmarks. This office is very tuned in to stamp collectors. The Postmark shows the star ferry . 

Asia-Hong Kong-Hong Kong International Airport  This is the new airport to replace the old one  Kai Tak. Been to both now. This airport cost 20USD Billion and took 9 years to construct. Very impressive . 

Sent from Chek Lap Kok , also known as Hong Kong International Airport. A good clear postmark. 

Asia-Macau  Got to Macau from fast ferry from Hong Kong. My second time. Gambling and Portuguese influenced food. This is Senado Square situated in the heart of the city. It is preserved according to Portuguese traditions and is now a place for festival and street performances. The Historic centre of Macau is a World Heritage Site. 

Some great looking stamps from Macau. Purchased at the Main Post office. 

Europe-United Kingdom-London Heathrow Airport  Well Heathrow the UKs main Gateway airport. In 1995  you could see concord as you approached the Roundabout. Sadly it is now gone and replaced by Emirates A380. 

Mailed at Heathrow Airport. The stamp shows SS Canberra 1961, but with that great black postmark, I don't think it would win a beauty award! 

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