Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Europe-Srpska Republika-Banja Luka    Banja Luka the de facto capital of Srpska.  In effect the Serbian part of Bosnia Herzegovina . Not the most interesting city to visit and one thing you notice is that all the mosques are now gone. Driving in from BH you see a large sign "Welcome to Republika Srpska.". 

Republika Srpska issues its own stamps valid within the territory. So this is the 3rd postal administration of Bosnia Herzegovina.  These stamps are a little unusual in that they also have a value in euro. The normal currency here is convertible mark. 

Europe-Montenegro-Podgorica  Well the capital of Montenegro does indeed look like the postcard. Very Russian looking in style . 

These stamps are most unusual . They all have values in Euro. Also the two stamps on  the left  where only on sale in Montenegro. This is despite that they say Serbia Montenegro. Even though Montenegro was not a separate nation at this time the stamp on the right only has Montenegro , as the Post office were starting to issue their own stamps. In fact the Post office here offered me Serbia & Montenegro stamps and even had Yugoslavia stamps for sale! 

Europe-Serbia & Montenegro-Kotor   A World Heritage site and a very good one at that. I think this is the gem place to visit in Montenegro. Not to far from Dubrovnik. This postcard does not reflect the beauty here. A stunning town. 

These stamps are the Serbia & Montenegro stamps that were on sale in the Kotor Post office. 

Europe-Montenegro-Herceg Novi   A small coastal town between Kotor and Dubrovnik. A good place to stop for a drink.  

Again these stamps were only on sale in Montenegro despite two of them saying Serbia Montenegro. If you look close you will see the Montenegro Post logo on the side of each stamp. 

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