Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Europe-Croatia-Dubrovnik  The Old city is a World Heritage Site.  Walking the walls of the old town was a highlight. This postcard has a great selection of the views of the town. It some ways it reminded me of old Italy. Visited  the museum with images of how Dubrovnik looked like during the Yugoslavia war. 

The Post office here was quite small in the old town. Not a great place to try and ask for a selection of stamps.

Europe-Bosnia Herzegovina-Mostar-Croatian    Mostar is a divided city . This Postcard shows a large part of the town with the famous bridge in the centre. Mostar is the unofficial capitol of Herzegovina.  The city was quite damaged  from the war when I visited. 

There are 3 Postal Administrations in Bosnia Herzegovina . This is the Croatian Post Mostar.  In Mostar itself there are 2 Post offices, 2 Telephone and 2 Electricity companies. All state run. So these stamps can only be used in Mostar.

Europe-Bosnia Herzegovina-Mostar-Bosnian   The Mostar Bridge. It had been reconstructed  after the war.  A very special place to visit . Around the Bridge and the old town. All Bosnian. Certainly my favourite part of Mostar. This area is a World Heritage Site. 

This is the Post Office from  Bosnia Herzegovina that is in use through out the BH.  This Post Office is the nearest to the Bridge as the Bridge is surrounded by the Bosnia Side .

Europe-Bosnia Herzegovina-Sarajevo  Certainly a famous city for many reasons.  Driving into Sarajevo was sort of strange. There is one very long straight road into the main city . There is much to see here. The Old town , and just hanging around. One of my highlights of this trip. 

The Capitol of Bosnia Herzegovina. The Old main Post Office here is very large and right on the river front. 

Europe-Bosnia Herzegovina-Travnik   In central BH. Stopped for lunch here but not the most exciting place to visit. 

These stamps reminded me of the special desert you get served in BH. Is is very nice. I think it is called Baklava. Very good and I had that here in Travnik. So what a surprise to find the Post office had stamps with the very same desert.! 

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