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Caribbean-Dominican Republic-Santo Domingo  A World Heritage site. Christopher Columbus is supposedly buried here.  In fact there are a lot of lights that is around the tomb. They rarely put them on , as when doing so it knocks out the rest of the power in Santo Domingo. A lot to see in this very interesting city. The footpath seen in this postcard is the oldest in the western world.    

This was not the main post office. It  is not in the city centre. This post office  had few stamps. They insisted on putting the priority mail sticker on which cost more than the stamp . The stamp was is over 5 years old. 

Caribbean-Virgin Islands British-Tortola-Road Town   The Capital of British Virgin Islands.  The pink roofs  on the buildings were very noticeable when arriving by ship. Much nice then US  Virgin Islands. 

Well at least you have a menu here how to make Pina Colada Pie. The currency on the stamp is US . 

Caribbean-Virgin Islands British-Virgin Gorda-Spanish Town-The Baths    Well the most beautiful part of BVI. The water was fab to swim in . Had a great day here. 

Posted in Virgin Gorda . 

Caribbean-Antigua-St.Johns    The Capital of Antigua . This is a major cruise port in the Caribbean. 

You may note that this is a Antigua stamp only. I purchased this stamp in advance so I could show a stamp for Antigua only. Stamps are now entitled Antigua and Barbuda 

Caribbean-Antigua and Barbuda-St.Johns   This postcard shows much of Heritage quay, which includes shops , restaurants a casino and a hotel. 

I visited the Philatelic bureau in St.Johns Just up stairs and near the main post office. This is the standard Antigua and Barbuda stamp, but is in fact a special issue. 

Caribbean-Montserrat-Plymouth   I flew here from Antigua and had to get back to Antigua later the same day to get  on the cruise. I nearly missed the cruise as the plane got delayed from Montserrat. I walked up the plank and onto the ship and then it sailed away. Seconds from missing the ship.! Montserrat is charming. Many Irish settled here during the  1800s and you will find Irish names on the Island. In fact their national day is also St.Patricks day. There are no white sandy beaches here, enough of other delights and few tourists. 

The Postmark may say Plymouth but in fact it was completely off limits due to the volcanic eruption that occurred a few years before. But could see Plymouth from the hills nearby. The Post office was in a cabin in a make shift town while they were deciding what to do re a new capital. 

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