Monday, 29 April 2013


Caribbean-St.Lucia-Castries  A very beautiful Island. On this occasion I did not see to much of this place. I ended up having a very bad tooth ache so , I spend the day at the dentist here in Castries.I got great reports on the island and ended up visiting another time. 

This was the new definitive issue just realised shortly before I arrived. The postcard arrived without any postmark. So I had to send it back to the post office. This time it got a mark. 

Caribbean-St.Vincent-Kingston  Did not get to see much here as a friend lost his glasses. Spend the day looking for the glasses. Never found them. Another Island I had to revisit. Not having good luck on these two Islands! 

This stamp is a earlier stamp. This stamp is for St.Vincent only. The usual stamps have St.Vincent and the Grenadines. I do like the SVG Post Happy Holidays. Posted at the GPO. 

Caribbean-Bequia-Port Elizabeth  The main town on Bequia .What a beautiful Island. Just like the postcard. Nothing went wrong  here to me today, and I enjoyed the afternoon.

This Bequia stamp is from the Philatelic bureau. According to the Postmaster in Kingston St.Vincent they are not valid for postage. But these stamps are all in the catalogues. This one as you can see went through the system. 

Caribbean-Grenadines of St.Vincent-Bequia-Port Elizabeth  A beach scene from Bequia .

This is the old Grenadines of St.Vincent stamp. Not in use any more. But wanted to use it  as at that time the Islands has their own stamps.A nice clear Bequia postmark. 

Caribbean-St.Vincent and the Grenadines-Bequia-Port Elizabeth  More sea, more sand , most blue skies !!! 

These are the official stamps available from the Post office. They have St.Vincent and the Grenadines on them. 

Caribbean-St.Vincent and the Grenadines-Kingston  The Anglican Cathedral in Kingston. 

These stamps are from the General Post Office in Kingston. At the time they were not to be found in any stamp catalogue. They are not available from the Philatelic Bureau. St Vincent Post had been privatised and they did not recognise the stamps issued by the Philatelic bureau. So there were on going discussions .The Post office of St.Vincent and the Grenadines had one set of issues and the Philatelic Bureau had another set of issues.. The Stamp catalogues only had the  ones from the Philatelic Bureau which were in effect not legal. What a strange situation. 


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