Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Europe-United Kingdom-Stansted  Was staying over night at the Radisson  hotel  at Stansted Airport.  If you look closer you will see a very tall wine Rack.  So if you order a bottle of wine the circus artist goes up and fetches it.  Quite a act. I wonder who came up with that idea? 

A worldwide UK postcard stamp. Not very exciting. 

Europe-Ukraine-Kiev  Spend a very enjoyable 3 days here. Lots of interesting buildings . 

Was here during the Eurovision Song contest and was at the finals . It was a great event. Ukraine issued special stamps and here is one on the postcard to celebrate the occasion.

Europe-Norway-Stavanger  I was due to fly from Dublin to the Faroe Islands. The plane did get as far as the Faroe Islands but there was fog over the airport. So could not land. After one hour the plane went and landed in Stavanger to wait and refuel and see if the weather would improve. Never did get to the Faroe Islands on this trip. So all I saw was Stavanger airport. 

As I was due to go to a football match in the Faroe Islands, I think it is only appropriate  that the stamp here shows at least a football.  Sold at the Airport desk. 

Europe-United Kingdom-Leeds  I was here for work so did not get to see all the beautiful images on this card!

The stamp shows an illustration from "Jane Eyre "

Europe-Netherlands-Eindhoven  I am not sure this is quite Eindhoven but  I could not find a card  from there. 

Posted at the Airport in Eindhoven. A very nice little airport.

Europe-Belgium-Essen  Showing an important building in Essen. Looks like the Town Hall. 

The stamp shows Albert II, King of Belgium .

Europe-Jersey-St.Helier  Showing many images of Jersey. A very easy Island to get around and you can see it all. I heard how famous the Jersey cows were. So keen to sample the diary products. The Ice cream was especially good. 

The Stamp shows the main Castle in St.Helier and of course The Queen. Very faint postmark. 

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  1. The postcard from The Netherland shows windmills of Zaanse Schans.