Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Europe-Gibraltar  My second time here.  This time by car.   First time by Ship. I have to say more impressive to wake up in the morning with "The Rock" outside your window. What a site . Very British as you can imagine. Enjoyed the tour of the Rock that sees all the fortifications. 

The Post office here has a great selection of stamps. This stamp is unique. It in fact has a real piece of wood embossed in the stamp itself. So you can feel it when you touch the bow of the ship. What a novel idea! 

Europe-Spain-Granada  La Alhambra what a fantastic World Heritage Site to visit. Went to Granada for this visit alone and well worth it. 

Unfortunately no stamps at this post office so back to my labels again. 

Europe-Spain-Ronda  The bridge here is famous and a great site. I remember walking down  the steps from the top to the bottom. I certainly had sore feet. A World Heritage Site. 

Another label  here . A Ronda postmark. 

Europe-Spain-Malaga  Spent a lot of time driving through here . 

A very faint postmark. A scene from Don Quijote from " Le Mancha". 

Europe-Spain-Marbella   Stayed at this resort . Did not play any golf as  there was a lot to see in the area,as you can see from the previous postcards. 

A last a stamp here. Showing a scene of a beach with umbrellas. Very Spanish.


Europe-Spain-Marbella  A lot of scenes from the area. A rather upmarket  place. 

A very clear Marbella postmark . 

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