Sunday, 7 April 2013

Middle East

Middle East-Israel-Old Jaffa  Right beside Tel Aviv and now considered a part. Historical and interesting. 

A small definitive stamp of Israel. 

Middle East-Israel-Masada  Wow a World Heritage Site and a great visit. Took the cable car up and walked back down. 

The mail must end up in Tel Aviv for stamping. 

Middle East-Israel-Dead Sea  The lowest point dry point on Earth. Walking down to get into the water lots of the salt was quite sharp.  Fine when you got into the water. Very easy to float but could not swim the water was not really deep enough. 

What a long stamp! Posted in a mail box at a "Dead Sea " resort. 

Middle East-Palestine-Bethlehem  A very special place. The Palestinian Police were very friendly especially when they discovered I was Irish. A World Heritage Site.

Palestine Authority issue there own stamps. Sent from the Post office in Bethlehem. The currency  listed on the stamps "Fils " does not exist in reality . Used to be the old currency. Now you pay  in shekels. The card took longer then the other Israel cards to get home as the mail at that time was sent out via Jordan. 

Middle East-Israel-Jerusalem  So much to see here. A real sense of history. The taxi drivers nearly drove me around the bend in Israel. They left the meters off and then tried to charge more then they should. What was that about! A World Heritage Site. 

Visited the Post office in the old part of town. Had a good selection of stamps. You will note that all of the Israel stamps I have used all have what is known as "Tabs". It is the last part of the sheet. Not necessary to use them but I think they add to the stamp . 

Middle East-Israel-Tel Aviv  A birds-eye view of Tel Aviv the financial centre of Israel. Enjoyed Tel Aviv, good night life, once you worked out that Saturday was a closed date. Great beaches! Modern Tel Aviv is a World Heritage Site.

The stamp shows Ben Gurion Airport.  A airport I wont forget in a hurry.  Took me 3 hours to get through  security with a lot of searches and questions.  Not happy that I had visited Palestine and kept asking me why I went there!  

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