Tuesday, 30 April 2013

South America

South America-Argentina-Buenos Aires  Without doubt my favourite city in South America. In one sense you feel you are in Europe. From the tango to the famous wide streets. Full of life. 

I posted this at the main Post office. I see it got a philatelic cancellation. The philatelic section had a great selection of stamps and easy to choose. I have to say I do like that tango stamp. 

South America-Paraguay-Asuncion  Here we have the Presidential Palace in Asuncion the capital of Paraguay. I did take some photos here but officially not permitted. The Police here were very heavy handed. In fact leaving the airport I was strip searched. They kept asking why I visited Paraguay. They were not convinced when I told them I was a tourist! I certainly felt I was in a banana republic... 

The stamps here were pretty dull and unexciting. 

South America-Uruguay-Colonia del Sacramento   A beautiful old town that is also a World Heritage Site. Lots of old cars and narrow streets. Very easy to get here from Buenos Aires . Took the ferry across the river. Really enjoyed the day here. 

In South America you tend to find the cancellation is much larger then elsewhere. 

South America-Argentina-Ushuaia  As it says on the card the Southernmost city in the world. A very busy town with lots of tourists about. This is the main starting point to Antarctica. So you can guess why I was here. Great mountain scenery and nature abounds everywhere. 

I really like the postmarks in use in Argentina . They look like first day of issue cancellations. 

South America-Argentina-Tierra del Fuego  This is the National Park in Tierra del  Fuego. Full of nature and clear skies.

Posted this card at the National Park. They had a option to use a private mail operator. This is Seprit . So as you can see this is the label used. No postmark though. I see it went via Swiss Post !! 

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