Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Antarctica-Argentine Antarctica-Decepcion Station   My first stop in Antarctica. A fantastic sight Well worth all of the Russian Icebreaker rolling in the night. Just pure white everywhere. No photos could do this place justice.

Posted on the Decepcion Base on Deception Island. 

Antarctica-Gabriel de Castilla Station Quite a lot of penguins around . 

This Postcard was handstamped at the Base. There is no Post Office here , so not really official , but I thought I would show it . 

Antarctica-Chilean Antarctica-Gabriel Gonzalez Videla Station   This is a very accurate view of what you will see in this part of Antarctica. 

There is no Post office at this base. So this is just a base stamp . Not official so will want to send a card from a Chilean Base with a Post Office. 

Antarctica-Palmer Station   This is a view from Palmer Station  a United States base. Not often visited as they limit the number of ships that can arrive per year. Had great burgers here ,the cook was from Alaska. 

I just used the base stamp here. So this card was not posted either. The United States does not  claim any part of Antarctica , but they also do not recognise any other claim . 

Antarctica-British Antarctic Territory-Port Lockroy   This building is not too far away from Palmer station the US base. But one needs a ship to get between the two. Loads of Gentoo penguins here. 

Arrived here about 10.30pm at night. Still  bright . The Post office here was mad busy. The ship I was on only had 100 on board but they were still dealing with the mail from other visitors earlier on. A great Post office to visit. 


  1. Fantastic postcards, stamps and postmarks!!
    Really special...

  2. Glad you like. More to follow