Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Turkey

Asia-Pakistan-Peshawar  This is the main Gates into Peshawar.  This was a fascinating city to visit. Went to the local museum , which to be honest had seen better days. But enjoyed been out on the streets. They are certainly not used to seeing tourists. But everyone friendly at this time. In fact the hotel I stayed in was bombed a few years ago and rebuilt.  

In this post office you take what stamps you can find. A old post office, but in fact in full use. A good clean postmark of G.P.O Pershawar. 

Asia-Afghanistan-Kabul  Showing a poster of Karzai in one of the main squares. I have to say that Afghanistan was very dusty everywhere. Had to have security here for the trip,but all arranged. Went to see the museum but most of the items were destroyed, but still quite a lot to see. When here was not permitted to walk around that much. Thought I did go down chicken street which used to be the main tourist street in its heyday. This place is a feast for you eyes. So much to see. A very different culture. The week I was here the very first car bombing took place around the corner from my hotel !. 

The security team did not want me to visit the post office. Why? Because it is a government building. So I was a little hesitant going in. I met the postmaster who was very friendly and delighted to show me the stamps they had for sale. Interesting they had stamps dating back to the 1970 for use as postage. Two of the stamps here are 2003 and the other looks quite old as I think it shows The King . The Post office could not be more helpful. 

Asia-Afghanistan-Herat   Considered to be one of the safest parts of Afghanistan. Went by plane from Kabul. Run by a warlord so was told very easy to walk around. This was the case. I was with a friend Karin and I arranged her to "Rent a Burka" to see what it was like. She told me very difficult to see as we walked down the main street. The whole street shopkeepers came out to see what was going on. Quite a lot of laugher everywhere. All the shops including shops for women were all staffed by men. Herat  main square is a fantastic site. Pity I dont have a good postcard shot , only this one. A unforgettable few days here. 

Quite a job finding the post office in Herat. Still a clean postmark here as well. Herat is in West Afghanistan and quite near Iran. 

Middle East-Kuwait-Kuwait City   Went by plane from Kabul to Kuwait via Dubai. Had two days here. Certainly not one of my favourite spots in the Middle East. Did not find a lot to see here. But at least rested on a beach resort and got some good rest after the energetic trip to Afghanistan. 

The Post office here had no selection of stamps. So happy to take what they had. 

Asia-Turkey-Izmir  A very good city to visit. Was here for work .They have a lot of marble in this area so was working  designing Tables. So a very successful trip. 

I had a feeling that the currency had just changed when here. So I think these stamps are the old currency . This is what the post office gave me. 


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