Friday, 24 May 2013

China and Tibet

Asia-Peoples Republic of China-Hangzhou   The West lake shown here is a World Heritage site. Very busy with tourists. A excellent site to visit. 

Most of the time in PR China you just get standard Definitive stamps. So to get something  different I often look for miniature sheets. This is a stamp from one. 

Asia-Tibet-Lhasa   This postcard is showing Patala Palace the most famous and also a  World Heritage site in Tibet. When I arrived here it took a full day to acclimatise to the altitude. Certainly very spiritual feeling. Met a lot of Chinese tourists who had no understanding of the culture or the history of Tibet. 

Here is a special stamp to commemorate 50 years of Tibet. You can see the palace in the background. I brought the stamp with me from my collection. I wanted to put something local on the postcard. 

Asia-Peoples Republic of China-Chengdu   Chendu is the native place of the Giant Pandas. Not often my postcards show animals . What a great animal to just sit and watch. 

What a large colourful stamp. I think from a miniature sheet. 

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