Wednesday, 29 May 2013

California USA

North America-United States of America-California-Los Angeles  This is the tram to the Getty Centre in Los Angeles. Enjoyed the visit here. 

Some more of the Art Stamps. 

North America-United States of America-California-Los Angeles   Sorry about the look of this card on  the scan. It is a hologram type card. So it is showing some of the two versions on the card. In reality a great card with the old and the new . The Getty Villa and The Getty Centre. 

Interesting that this card has a Hollywood postmark. 

North America-United States of America-California-Hollywood   Went to see the sights here as you can see on the postcard. Never been before. You hear so much about Hollywood and  a good feeling just to be here and see what it is like. A sort of place that once is enough  !! 

More Stamps showing President Ronald Reagan. Sometimes difficult in the States Post offices to get a selection of stamps. These stamps they would only sell be in a block. So I had to use them all up! 

North America-United States of America-California-Santa Monica   I am not a big shopper but enjoyed the shops here.  My first Apple product was purchased here,  a Ipod.. Have not looked back since. 

This is probably the only time you will find on this blog  3 sets of the same stamps one after another. Not my usual standard. 

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