Thursday, 30 May 2013

Central America

Central America-El Salvador-San Salvador  My first visit to an Central American country. Before arriving here I was warned how dangerous this was. So I was careful and did notice the number of armed guards outside high profile shops. I walked around the city centre and visited the Cathedral. 

Was able to get a good selection of stamps from the helpful philatelic section of the post office. Even though there is only one currency now in place the US Dollar the stamps also have a value in the old currency. 

Central America-El Salvador-Santa Ana  This old town is very nice. This is the old Theatre which is  fantastic inside and in good condition. 

This stamps shows TACA a excellent airline that I used on this trip. Brand new planes and excellent service. So was very impressed. Nice stamp too. 

Central America-El Salvador-Ataco   Went up to this area to visit a coffee plantation. You can see the coffee beans on the postcard . My first and only visit to a coffee plantation.  

On the right is the Christmas stamp for 2006. A lot of the South American and Central American postmarks are large rectangular marks as seen here. 

Central America-Nicaragua-Managua   Here we see part of the old and the new. The very old town was badly damaged by the earthquake in 1972. I had not expected much from this country , but found it a gem of a place to visit. Sometimes that happens when you don't have much of a expectation. Very friendly and lots of tour options. 

A very colourful stamp and a basic postmark all you can see is the date. The main Post office had a excellent selection of stamps to choose from 

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