Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Canada and St.Pierre Miquelon

North America-Canada-Nova Scotia-Halifax  My second trip to Canada. First time was to Vancouver. Now to the Maritimes. I was amazed when I heard the accents here . A lot of the sounds were very Irish .  

This is a very special cancellation. The stamp on the right is the USA  stamp and is a joint issue with Canada. It is postmarked in Washington DC on May 28 when I was there. I then went to Canada with the same card and with the Canada stamp on the left. So not often you see a postcard with a joint issue correctly used . A nice pictorial postmark was available at the Post office in Halifax. 

North America-Canada-Nova Scotia-Halifax  Here you can see a lot of the well known sights in Halifax. A very beautiful area . Was a great time to visit late May. Went to see a  museum dealing with the titanic and also the maritime museum. 

Don't care to much for these laser postmarks that Canada uses . But I do like the stamps featuring famous Canadians. 

North America-St.Pierre and Miquelon-St.Pierre  Arrived here from Halifax by plane.Here is St;Pierre the town. Near impossible to find a taxi   from the airport. I guess they don't get to many tourists end of May. Here is a photo of the town . The Post office is the building furthest out in the sea with the red roof. Enjoyed this place and learnt of its history . Also a chance to have some real French food. 

Like these very clear postmarks. SPM tends to issue quite large stamps. Here is a typical wooden building you may see here. 

North America-St.Pierre and Miquelon-St.Pierre   These sights remind me of a tour I took . Had to go on a boat to get to this part of St.Pierre. Very wild . Stepping back in time. 

Here again is a typical SPM stamp. Beautiful to look at and very well drawn. 

North America-Canada-Nova Scotia-Pictou  A replica of the ship Hector . Originally sailed here  from Scotland in 1773 . Stopped at this shop . The postcard looks like the real scene here. 

Looks like this stamp got a laser  and a regular postmark. 

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  1. I really love this postcard with painter! It's beautiful :)