Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Prince Edward Island and Canada

North America-Prince Edward Island-Wood Islands  This is the ship I took with a car between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. 

Another famous Canadian and some walruses. 

North America-Prince Edward Island-Charlottetown  This postcard shows a overview of Prince Edward Island also known as PEI. I loved this Island. The colour of the soil and the sunsets were fantastic. Here you see the house of "Anne of Green Gables " This is a best selling Canadian novel. Well you see this book every where here. 

Posted in Charlottetown the capital of Prince Edward Island. 

North America-Prince Edward Island-Charlottetown  This is a famous building . Here in 1864 Province house hosted  a conference which resulted in Canadian Confederation . This is right downtown. 

I like the way the laser postmark is printed in English and French. 

North America-Prince Edward Island-Borden-Carlton   This is located at the foot of the Confederation Bridge which you can see here on the Postcard. Sad to say goodbye to PEI. Went over by ship and back by the bridge . 

Glad to see a postmark that clearly has PEI on it . 

North America-Canada-Nova Scotia-Springhill  One of the main reasons to visit this region was to visit  The Anne Murray Centre. Anne is a famous Canadian singer. I have listened to her for years and years.. So it was a great thrill to visit here. Anne has mostly retired from singing now. 

A special Postmark at the Anne Murray centre. A fantastic end to a great trip to Canada and  the surrounding area. 


  1. Hi David,
    Just got all caught up to date on your blog. Missed it while away. Some great entries. Really liked the South Atlantic islands entries. .Take care. Glenn

  2. HI Glenn , glad you enjoyed them. Brings back great memories just putting them up here.