Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Europe-Portugal-Lisbon  Lisbon the city of 7 hills. On this trip did not see any of Lisbon. But did manage to go back on another trip . A very enjoyable city. 

Posted at the airport. Hard to read the postmark. Quite faint. 

Europe-Latvia-Riga  This is the city hall square with the house of Blackheads. Remember it well. Also while  here went to the Ice Hockey world championship. My first game. 

A great selection of stamps and postmarks to match. The stamp on the right is to celebrate the World Ice hockey championships in Riga. 

Europe-Latvia-Jurmala  Jurmala is a spa and seaside town. A short train ride out from Riga. Very nice and liked the style of the wooden buildings. 

Not quite sure what these stamps show. Trying to find the post office  in this town was a bit of a drag. But got there in the end. 

Europe-Kaliningrad-Kaliningrad    Here we see the cathedral of  Kaliningrad. Got the bus from Riga to here. Most of the older buildings are now gone due to the heavy bombing in the second world war. I felt it was very communist here and more so then what Moscow felt. Lots of Amber around. Went to the Split and the big sand dunes. Fantastic and you also see the bird life. I had a card for that but could not find a post office beside it, so did not mail it. 

The stamp on the right commemorates the 750 anniversary of Kaliningrad , which was in 2005. A big post office here. Posted in the main Post office in Kaliningrad.  

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