Thursday, 9 May 2013

Greece and Turkey

Europe-Dodecanese Islands-Rhodes-Rhodes Town  Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese group of Islands . A lot of cultural sites to see here. The Medieval town of Rhodes is a World Heritage Site.A great Island to visit. 

Posted at the main post office in Rhodes Town. I just love these old replica Olympic stamps which were reissued. . 

Europe-Dodecanese Islands-Rhodes-Ixia   Showing the Hilton Hotel which was a very nice choice of hotel to relax and not far from the old town. 

The quality of these stamps are excellent . 

Europe-Dodecanese Islands-Rhodes-Rhodes Town   Showing more sights from the old town. The old town a great place to walk around and discover the history of the island. 

This card is issued by the post office in Rhodes . So it has a preprinted stamp . 

Asia-Turkey-Marmaris   Went on a day trip from Rhodes. Hard to believe you are now in Asia. A nice change . But a lot of carpet sellers and such like. I managed to escape all of them somehow. I do remember the Turkish delight !!!. 

Wish they had more selection of stamps. My Turkish stamps on postcards are not very exciting 

Europe-Dodecanese-Rhodes-Lindos  Lindos lies about 50km south of Rhodes town. A very interesting place to visit as you can see from the postcard. 

I see this has a local postmark. Always good to see. The postcards are always posted in the town or city of the postcard. So it is really only when there is a sorting office that the postmark is not local. More Olympic stamps here. 

Europe-Greece-Athens   Well my first time here. Really had a great time. I do remember the walk up to The Acropolis . Well worth it. 

The last year I had Eurovision stamps from Ukraine. Well here we have the Greek stamps. Yes it is Eurovision time again and was here for the competition. I even managed to get another photo of myself beside the stamp . 

Europe-Greece-Athens  From the hotel I stayed in, could see this sight at night. So just had to have a postcard to remember that. Of course also a World Heritage Site. 

This is a beautiful stamp and hard to see how nice it is with the gold printing. 

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