Friday, 24 May 2013

Transdniestr and Moldova

Europe-Transdniestr-Tiraspol  A breakaway Republic from Moldova.  Situated between the river Dniester and the borders with Ukraine. A very interesting place to visit. Transdniestr  even has its own money and stamps. Here you will find good food, Russian Tanks and a bunch of people eager to talk . There is a border with  Moldova but they put a paper in your passport which you give back when re-entering Moldova. 

Transdniestr is not recognised by any official country so they are considered to be part of Moldova. So here you must use stamps  from Moldova if you want your mail to go international. I found the post office very friendly and they had stamps and postcards. 

Europe-Transdniestr-Tiraspol  Another view of some of the sights in Tiraspol.  I spend two days here and enjoyed every minute of it. I do have a sort of interest in breakaway republics and this is one of the most fascinating ones to visit. 

Transdnistr or Pridnestrovien Moldovian Republic issues its own stamps. However they are not recognised by the outside world. So they are only for use on internal mail. Above are two examples. The Postmaster offered me two cancellation types. One is on the above Moldovian stamp . The one here is the old Russian one that they can also use. 

Europe-Ukraine-Odessa   The opera house here is famous and the surrounding buildings. Took a day trip here from Trnasdnistr. Very historical. 

Here we have a standard Ukraine definitive stamp. 

Europe-Moldova-Soroca  This is a city in north Moldova . Came here to visit the fort. 

The post office was closed, so put this postcard in a rusting mailbox . I never expected to get this postcard back. But as you can see it safely made it. I did post some cards in Chisinau the capital of Moldova but they have not been seen since. So this is my only postcard from Moldova. 


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