Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Universal Postal Union and Switzerland

Europe-Universal Postal Union-Bern   The office of the UPU is in Berne Switzerland as you can see on the Postcard. It is a United Nations body and is responsible for a lot of general agreements between postal administrations. Hence cooperation between countries which assists in receiving and sending mail from one country to another.  

The UPU issues its own stamps. Here on the right is a UPU stamp. The rate  had gone up to mail letters from Switzerland so the UPU postal officer placed two extra Switzerland stamps on this postcard. It is a very interesting building to visit. While there I was shown part of a collection of stamps issued that year. The UPU gets a number of samples of every stamp issued by each postal administration in the world.Postmarked with a special UPU postmark . 

Europe-Switzerland-Bern   The capital of Switzerland. A easy city to get around. 

This postcard includes a special Pro Patria stamp which includes a charity donation of 40 cents. 

Europe-Switzerland-Basel  Spend a week here many years ago .  A great city  to visit. The zoo here is famous. 

I do like the squiggles in the middle of this postmark. I guess that would make sure that any extra stamps would get cancelled. 

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