Monday, 20 May 2013

France and Council of Europe

Europe-Germany-Baden-Baden   This is the starting point for this little trip. Arrived in Baden Baden courtesy of Ryanair. Ireland's famous low cost carrier. Well not always low cost if you plan on having baggage !! So here is a pic of the Railway station which is all I did see of this place.  

Always nice to see the crisp postmarks of certain countries. Germany being one. 

Europe-France-Strasbourg   Getting closer to my destination on this trip. Strasbourg is a delightful city. A well deserved World Heritage site. Situated in a very picturesque location . One of the best cities to visit in France.

A very interesting stamp showing integration . I do like the design 

Europe-Council of Europe-Strasbourg   Well here is the reason for my visit . The Council of Europe in Strasbourg. I had been planning a visit here for some time , but could only get access when the council of Europe is in session. So I had to arrange this trip  at the right time. 

Inside the Council of Europe building is a Post office. Here you can purchase the  special Council of Europe stamps. So note the postmark has " Conseil  de L'Europe Strasbourg".. No France like the above postmark on the Strasbourg postcard. You get a special pass when you register once you tell them the reason for your visit . The security officer did look a little surprised when I told him I was visiting the Post Office. In fact the Post office here had a very large selection of special covers and stamps all relating to Council of Europe 

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