Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and The Equator.

South America-Bolivia-Copacabana   Well I only had heard of Copacbana in Brazil. Well here is the one just across the border from Peru. 

Was here over the weekend so was not sure if I could get stamps. Luckily I found a hotel  selling stamps. 

South America-Bolivia-Isla del Sol  Went to visit Island of the Sun in the Southern part of Lake Titicaca. This Island has many ruins and no motor vehicles . Enjoyable day trip. 

Had not got my normal selection of stamps as Post office closed. Was happy  to have got stamps in the first place. 

South America-Peru-Lima  A wonderful historic centre and also a World Heritage Site. Especially enjoyed the Gold museum . 

A circular postmark , my first one from Peru. 

South America-Ecuador-Quito  Another great city to visit. Quite a lot of  white buildings around. This is also a World Heritage site. 

This Postcard may have a stamp from Ecuador on it But.. because it was not postmarked it some how got a Irish Postmark coming into Ireland. I was not impressed. !! 

South America-Ecuador-Linea Ecuatorial   This is a must do when you visit  Quito. This monument was on the line where the you can stand between Southern and Northern Hemispheres. But in fact it is not quite on the line. But no plans to move the monument. You can also go to  the correct marker near by. 

Here we have a postcard with two postmarks from two different Countries. The round blue mark is from the Post office at the Equator showing the La Mitad del Mundo  and the the other postmark is the Irish one. 


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