Thursday, 20 June 2013

From the Pacific to the Caribbean , Galapagos Islands and Bonaire

Pacific Ocean-Galapagos Islands-Santa Cruz-Puerto Ayora    This map gives a great overview of the Islands in the Galapagos chain which are also a World Heritage Site. Many of the Islands are amazing and best seen from a cruise which I took here. I was surprised to see so much activity on some of the Islands with Villages and hotels. I guess I had never though of the Islands that way. 

The Post offices were quite small on the Islands. They have their own postmarks. 

Pacific Ocean-Galapagos Islands-San Cristobal-Puerto Baquerizo Moreno   Here is a selection of the many unique  animals that you will see this far north. A very special set of Islands . 

A very nice local Postmark showing a Seal and a San Cristobal  Postmark.

Caribbean-Netherlands Antilles-Bonaire  Have not seen Bonaire . Was here  just by chance on the KLM flight from Quito that stops here en route to Amsterdam. So took the opportunity to send a card while on a stopover. 

A Netherlands Antilles stamp . Mailed at the Airport. 

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