Monday, 17 June 2013

Cuzco Peru

South America-Peru-Cuzco  This postcard is showing many photos of the inside and outside of the famous Hotel in Cuzco Hotel Monasterio . A former Monastery. 

Here you see the large postmarks you tend to see in Central and South America. 

South America-Peru-Cuzco  Here is the centre of Cuzco . A lively city full of character . Cuzco is also a World Heritage Site. Certainly lives up to its reputation as a place to visit.Lots to see .  

A faint postmark here. Got quite a selection of stamps from the Post office here. 

South America-Peru-Sacsayhuaman  An excellent place to visit. Made up of walls showing polished stone and all fit together. Much more interesting then it sounds to be frank. 

An interesting Postmark , looks like it says the word "Cancellation " on this. 

South America-Peru-Cuzco  This area is in the Sacred Valley of Peru and considered to be a holy place. 

Looks an interesting stamp but hard to see with the postmark. 

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