Sunday, 16 June 2013

Estonia , Finland and Aland

Europe-Estonia-Tallinn   Getting here is quite easy from Helsinki  across the sea. I had been previously here on a cruise ship . A very lovely town and also a World  Heritage site. When here first in 1997, there was a lot of Anti Russian feeling from the people. I did not notice it on this trip. 

Tallinn, has a large Central Post office. Very impressive and busy. 

Europe-Finland-Suomelinna  This is a island right beside Helsinki and also a World Heritage site. A great tourist site and very interesting. 

Mailed this postcard on the Island and was pleased that the Shops there had these stamps for sale , issued in 2004  and also a special postmark. Well done to Finnish Post again. I wish we in Ireland had a Post office like this with different Postmarks. 

Europe-Aland-Mariehamn   Aland has its own flag and many people here speak Swedish . A great set of Islands to visit. Here you see Pommern a big tourist attraction here. It is an original steel sail ship build in Glasgow in 1903. 

I was here on May 13-15, but when I got the postcard back there was no postmark. So I had to send it back to Mariehamn to the post office. It came back . So the new date is 30 of May. As  you can see Aland also has their own stamps. 

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