Sunday, 2 June 2013

Denmark and United Kingdom

Europe-Denmark-Herning   Herning is in Jutland. Here for work. Compared to Dublin chalk and cheese. Walking around  in the evening everything closes early. This is the shopping street at night. Exactly as I found it , empty.. 

As I have said before getting special stamps in Denmark, is not easy. So here is the standard definitive issue. This is also my last postcard from 2006.  

Europe-United Kingdom-York   A famous old town as it says in the postcard. Very English as we would  say in Ireland. 

This stamps shows a album cover by the Beatles . As they cross Abbey road in London. Zebra crossings as they are  known are really a thing of the past, but this one is kept for the very reason you see on the stamp. I have crossed this road. On a busy summers day can be quite busy with Japanese tourists trying to cross the road like the  Beatles. This is my first postcard of 2007. This year is one with most new countries for me, so lots of interesting postcards to be shown.

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