Sunday, 23 June 2013

Further travels around Switzerland

Europe-Germany-Busingen   This is a little part of Germany surrounded by Switzerland. A very small village. All prices in the Village are in Swiss francs and Euros. 

The Post office is also a shop . 

Europe-Switzerland-Stein am Rhein  A very beautiful part of Switzerland. This postcard gives a great overview of how nice it really is. 

Just by chance these stamps were on sale in the Post office. Showing more of the central area of Stein am Rhein 

Europe-Switzerland-St.Gallen This area also known as St.Gall . The Convent of St.Gall seen here is a World Heritage Site. Beautiful inside 

I like the Stamp showing the Dog. 

Europe-Switzerland-Zurich  The major city in Switzerland . Switzerland always feels so organised  and a very well kept city bearing in mind how big it is. 

The stamp on the right celebrates 2000 years since the foundation of the Swiss National Bank. 

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