Monday, 24 June 2013

Serbia , Switzerland and The Olympic Committee Lausanne

Europe-Serbia-Belgrade Visiting this city in 2007, was not one of my highlights of the year as far as travel is concerned. May be everyone had a lot on their minds but I found the people in a sombre mood and lacking in enthusiasm for anything. 

Finding stamps in the Main Post office was a struggle. As was the way the staff were not interested in letting me have a look at a selection of stamps. 

Europe-Serbia-Novi Sad  A half day trip from Belgrade. 

At least I got two stamps on this postcard. 

Europe-Switzerland-Lausanne   Back to one of my favourite countries after Serbia. maybe that is why I found Serbia so depressing. From Switzerland to Serbia and back to Switzerland, you could not have found a large contrast if you had tried. I have been to Lausanne a few times and beautiful city . 

A Tourism Congress was in place when I was here. 

Europe-Olympic Committee- Lausanne  This is the very very interesting Olympic Museum in Lausanne. It is also the headquarters of the Olympic Committee. If you have any interest in Sport this is a must see. In effect the history of the Olympic Games. 

Switzerland issues special stamps for use by the Olympic committee in Lausane. This is one of the stamps and a special postmark as posted at the Museum in Lausaane. 


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