Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Midway Island , Hawaii and a long detour

North America-Atlanta-Georgia  Well I really should not have been in  Atlanta on this trip. I had started from Dublin to Los Angeles to get a plane to Honolulu to go to Midway Island.  I got as far as Los Angeles and went to check in for my flight to Hawaii. On check in I was  told to go to the Gate and there was told the flight was full and I was on a wait list. I explained that I was catching a special one off flight to Midway and needed to be on that flight. Well to cut a long story short I did not get on that flight. So a few hours later Delta put me on Los Angeles to Atlanta and Atlanta to Honolulu ! So hence this postcard. I made the flight to Midway with 30 minutes to spare.. I had visited  Atlanta before , went to  CNN and Coke. that's what I remember and my first visit to see a Baseball game with the Braves. 

From a vending machine at the airport while I waited on my confirmed flight to Honolulu. 

Pacific Ocean-Midway Island  You can only visit here at certain times of the year  and land at certain times due to the Albatross population here. This island is also part of a World Heritage site. I have to say my 3 day stay here was fantastic. All the chicks walking around in there fur coats. Amazing sight. The history of the island and seeing all the World War II buildings. This Island has shops and cinemas  and a bowling alley from the 50s. One of those places you visit and can always remember. A highlight in the Pacific. 

Unfortunately there is no longer a post office on Midway as it now run by the US Wildlife  and Parks service. However I did put a blue rubber stamp on the card when I was on the Island. This postcard was posted in Honolulu . 

Pacific Ocean-Hawaii-Honolulu  I have many fond memories of Honolulu. It was my first stop in 1980 when I did my  first Pacific trip to visit Tuvalu. I also wrote a Pacific Islands chapter in a book, as the Islands I was going to had no entries in any travel book. Back to Honolulu now. Went to my old hotel The Ilikai which is now a condo . Looks more touristy and less interesting for me then when I visited in 1980. Sort of strange to think the first part of the USA for me to visit was Hawaii. 

I really like these stamps. American comic book heroes. A clear postmark too. 

North America-United States of America-Nevada-Las Vegas   Had  a Day and night stop here after my adventures in the Pacific. It maybe a little tacky but still when you get here there is a sort of buzz about the place. 

 A laser printed postmark and some more of those fruit stamps I got in the vending machine in Atlanta. 

North America-United States of America-Nevada-Las Vegas  Barry was in town while I was here so went to the show. A excellent show. Music and Passion as the postcard says. 

More of those great stamps this time Flash Gordon and Wonder woman. 

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