Wednesday, 26 June 2013

More Swiss Travels

Europe-Switzerland-Chateau de Chillon Here you can see some photos of the said Castle. 

This card has a Montreux postmark. 

Europe-Switzerland-Le Lavaux   Visiting here just after this site was named a World Heritage site. This is around a wine growing area. You travel here on a tour by a small road train. Very enjoyable. 

The Swiss stamps are printed to a very high quality . 

Europe-Switzerland-Meride   Stopped in this Village for food and to take in the local culture. 

The Swiss Post office have a great selection of hand stamps. 

Europe-Switzerland-Mendrisiotto   This beautiful area is near the Border with Italy and Lake Lugano. Very Picturesque. 

Another pictorial Postmark, but could do with more ink. 

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