Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Switzerland, United Nations and International Telecommunications Union.

Europe-Switzerland-Geneva  The international city of Geneva is one of the great cities in Switzerland. A great location on lake Geneva. 

The left side stamp is a definitive issue from Switzerland. A nice Geneva postmark.Most of the Swiss Post offices had a selection of stamps available. 

Europe-International Telecommunications Union-Geneva  The ITU is a United Nations body involved with the worldwide exhibitions and forums dealing with all types of communications from TV , Internet, Telephone and everything in between. The Headquarters is in Geneva. Here is the building . 

The Swiss Post office issues Stamps especially for use the the ITU in Geneva. Here is a set of stamps postmarked at the ITU  building in Geneva. You have to go to a special room where you can leave the postcard in for mailing out so the stamps can be used. 

Europe-United Nations Geneva   Here you can see the magnificent buildings that house the United Nations in Geneva. Looks great from the outside. I do remember a giant chair being outside as I entered. I guess the chair was 100 meters high at least.  

On the day I visited this UN building and complex there was no visitor allowed. But I managed to be let in as I specially wanted to go to the UN Post office here. In fact there was two post offices here side by side. The UN and the Swiss Post office next door within the building. 

Europe-Switzerland-Montreux  Another pretty town and visited the Castle as seen here. Well worth it. 

This card got postmarked in Lausanne. I guess that is where the mail is sent from here. 

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