Sunday, 30 June 2013

United Kingdom- Isles of Scilly, England and Lundy.

Europe-England-Isles of Scilly-St.Marys-Hugh Town   What an adventure getting  here. Took a small plane from Bristol onto a lovely little airport. All around here the water is marine Blue  and when you show anyone the photos of the beaches here they think you are in the Caribbean. One of the Gems of England. 

The mail is processed on the mainland . This is a English regional stamp. The Post offices here all double up as shops. Nice narrow shopping streets with loads of character. 

Europe-England-Isles of Scilly-Tresco-New Grimbsey  A beautiful Island. You get here by boat from St.Mary's. Well worth the visit . Here is Abbey Gardens on Tresco . Like going to old England. 

Somehow this Postcard got a Postmark from the actual Post Office on Tresco. Pretty rare to see that on a Postcard now days. 

Europe-United Kingdom-England-Devon-Exmouth  Visiting friends here. Very nice to just relax and walk around. 

You may wonder why I have some Postcards listed as England and others as United Kingdom. It is down to the stamps used. If they are Regional Stamps , that is stamps especially issued for the Regions ie , England , Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Well then it is as listed for the Country ie England. But if they don't , like this one above well then it is listed as :United Kingdom. 

Europe-United Kingdom-England-Dartmore  Dartmore is an area of mooreland in South Devon, England. 

Here we have to interesting stamps! The one on the left is the machin Definitives issued by the United Kingdom since 1967. The stamp on the right is the designer Mr Machin who designed the stamps. 

Europe-England-Lundy Island    Lundy Island is in the Bristol Channel. A boat ride out. I think about 90 minutes. An interesting Island to visit. Walking up to the Lighthouse , the Church and also a very  nice pub with good pub food. 

Lund issues its own "Local Stamps". This is for use to the mainland. They are not for international mail. So the printed postmark on the right is for international mail and the two local stamps on the left are for Lundy mail. There is a little Shop on the Island that sells essentials including the Lundy stamps. There is a red postbox on the Island to mail the postcard. 

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