Monday, 1 July 2013

Market Reef Aland Islands and Russia

Europe-Aland Islands-Market Reef   This is a very unusual place to visit . It is a lighthouse between Finland and Sweden. In fact part of the Island is owned by Sweden and Part by Finland. So it is a divided Island. At one stage the Lighthouse was over the border of the two countries and a line in the lighthouse showed which part was Sweden and which part was Finland. You get here by a small  boat from the Aland Islands . You can even stay and sleep here. It is a popular tourist attraction for anyone into Lighthouses. 

Here you can see a stamp showing Market Reef  and a special Postmark for Market reef. 

Europe-Russia-Vyborg   Quite a interesting town just over the border from Finland. Came here by train from Helsinki on the same line to St. Petersbourg. 

I collect Russian stamps and really enjoyed using this stamp like the way it is printed off square. 

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  1. Interesting, I've been to Åland many times,
    but somehow never noticed this tiny lighhouse island.

    Nice matching stamp too! :)