Thursday, 11 July 2013

Crete and Sicily

Europe-Crete-Agios Nikolaos   Another very nice part of Crete. You can see whey one would love this Island. 

I do like these long stamps. 

Europe-Crete-Chania  This is the port I spend a few evenings just relaxing and taking the view in. Very nice 

The Postmark is quite faint. 

Europe-Sicily-Agrigento  I got here on a small cruise ship which started in Crete. So Sicily is the second stop . Here went to see Agrigento which is a very good Roman Site to visit. Also a World Heritage site. Sicily is a great Island to visit. So I went back on a future trip and spent one week here. 

Interesting that even though this Postcard was posted in Agrigento it has a Palermo Postmark. I do like the Donkey Stamp. 

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