Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Spain - Greece- Crete

Europe-Spain-Valencia Here we see the Mercado Central , ie the Central Market. This is a World Heritage site. I have to say I did not find this site especially inspiring. 

From this stamp I see there was a Expo in Zaragoza. Never got to that? . 

Europe-Greece-Delphi  Well this was interesting all right. Got a good tour guide . Worth the trip . A World Heritage Site. 

You can see the local Postmark here. 

Europe-Crete-Herakleion  Crete is one of my favourite Islands. Here you see the port at Herakleion. Beautiful to walk around and just take in the views. 

I do like the long stamp. Showing a typical seaside harbour town. 

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  1. you have amazing collections! Wish one day I could have too. :)