Saturday, 20 July 2013

Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon

Africa-Equatorial Guinea-Malabo   Arrived in Malabo 2 days later then planned due to a  missed connection in London. E-Guinea is a very difficult place to get a visa for as a tourist. The nearest Embassy to Ireland, was in UK and they would not issue visas for travel to E-Guinea unless sponsored. This was due to the Coup that took place in 2004. When I explained I was a tourist it did not make any difference. I had arranged to go with 2 other Americans on this trip. Americans don't need a visa due that many work here in the Oil industry  from Houston and it would be a nightmare organising visas here for work. So I sent the 3 applications to the Embassy in Washington DC and got back 2 passports as not needed and mine had the visa stamp.  The Security here for the President is very heavy. The hotel is right beside the Presidential Palace which is just on the sea. Walking one foot on the wrong side of the road towards the Palace would have the Guards pull guns . This Postcard shows the main street that leads up to the Gates of the Palace. Taking Photos was forbidden in most parts of town, but in fact I did not know that until I was reading information on departure. I had the photos taken at this stage. A very green country due to the tropical rain. 

The Post office in Malabo was a old run down building. Not very busy and buying stamps was a bit of an adventure here. They had lots to show you , all in sort of a bundle. Nothing organised. 

Africa-Equatorial Guinea-Annobon   Annobon had a once a week flight when I was here. It is a little out of the way. Being a Island lover I wanted to go. Got over here and could see it was very poor. However when the crew landed they all have to go for lunch in the luxury hotel owned by the President. So off I went with the crew and had lunch courtesy of the Airline. Spend a little bit of time walking around the village and seeing life here. Very basic. The Airport consists of one desk outside beside the runway !! You check in there and then they put your baggage in a wheelbarrow . 

After managing to get a Postcard of Annobon in Malabo , I discovered that when I got to Annobon there was no Post office. So I took the Postcard  back to Malabo where it was posted . 

Africa-Cameroon-Douala    Douala is the commercial capital of Cameroon .  This area was quite French. Not a lot to see here but quite safe. So spend the evenings by the pool relaxing. 

The Philatelic section was closed when I was here. So no choice of stamps. These I got at the stamp counter. Stamps showing cooperation between Japan and Cameroon. 


  1. It is very interesting to read about such unknown places from someone who has been there!:D

  2. Wow! First Nagorno Karabakh and now Equatorial Guinea! You really have been everywhere. Well jealous. ;-)